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Wanna Bee Art

Art in Progress

If you were to ask me if I am an artist, you would get an emphatic NO!  That title is reserved for my mom and those that can create effortlessly, beautiful paintings, sculptures, drawings etc.  Hence the title “Wanna Bee Art”

Painting with Bees Wax

In an effort to make the most from our little Bee adventure, I’ve taken up making bees wax (encaustic) paints and trying my hand at painting with it. Greeks as far back as 5th century BC were using this type of paint to waterproof and decorate war ships!

I am by no means decorating war ships but rather using a small craft iron and encaustic paper to make interesting pictures.  The other technique is using wooden canvasses, painting the hot wax on and then heating it with a heat gun to melt it together. Both techniques can be highly frustrating but most days I come out with one or two things I like!

No Two The Same

Since hot wax has a mind of its own you can be certain that any art you purchase will be a one of a kind! Some paintings will have added media such as inks, oil paints, photo transfers, sand, beads, bark you name it!  Some are covered with shellac and burnt with a torch to get a mottled crackled look. Zoom in to see the effects!

Current Works

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